About Circlebartee

About Circlebartee

Circlebartee as the name goes is a new kennel, however the principle breeder and handler Diane Thomas, has spent her whole 32 years with this great breed. 

 Known more so by her maiden name Diane Murphy (Mittapark Kennels), and under the guidance of her father Dan Murphy, Maryheather Kennels, she has gained invaluable experience.  In 2000 she was awarded the Victorian state child handler title, and has won many awards in handlers, at breed and in-show level. 

Being more a short-haird border collie man, Troy has married into Australian Cattle Dogs, however they suit his way of life. Growing up riding stock horses and working cattle, working dogs have always played a valuable part of everyday life. In 2000 by chance of a family illness, Troy and Diane met on the Murphy Dairy Farm and the rest as 'they say' is history

After 8 years together, in 2008 Diane and Troy got married.  The wedding included ridden horses, coach, buggy, Clamity Jane (Diane's faithful cattle dog), friends and family by the beautiful Glenco Creek surrounded by native Australian bush.  A year after, the 100 acre property of Blind Creek was purchased, which leads to the new prefix name Circlebartee. 

The prefix Mittapark was chosen by Diane at a young age, knowing at the time a neighbour down the road used this as a business name she thought nothing more of it.  Little did she know that the 100 acre property her and her husband were to purchase would be situated right behind the original Mittapark, so together a new prefix was chosen Circlebartee.

 The property also runs a small herd of Hereford Cattle to work the stock horses and cattle dogs on.  The short-haired border collies are used to teach the australian cattle dogs to cast from a young age, allowing the bloodlines which are strong in this trait to be selected. Our aim is to produce tough working dogs which can handle untamed cattle thru cast and bite from both ends.  

Circlebartee aims to produce dogs with good working ability and maintain the strong, big headed dogs for which the Maryheather lines are known for, while keeping a beautiful all-round, family dog, temperament.



Once you've owned an Australian Cattle dog, no other dog can compare. 

 True Australians



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Diane Thomas
Tallandoon, VIC, Australia
Phone : 02 60720172
Email : [email protected]